How TAP Works?



What is TAP?

TAP defines the first standard for sending alphanumeric messages to pagers.


TAP - Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol

How TAP Works?

Messages are sent from the computer via a modem and software to the paging terminal. The software communicates with the paging terminal in a fashion that the paging terminal understands (using the TAP protocol), the terminal then broadcasts the message to the appropriate paging device. TAP is one of the more popular wireless protocols.

What Information is needed to send a message via TAP?
Two pieces of information are need in order to send text messages via TAP the modem phone number (or the TAP terminal number) at the paging terminal is needed and the pin or ID of the pager is needed. The pin and id is often the numeric pager number but not always.

Is TAP a standard?
TAP/IXO is considered an industry standard and is the predominant communications protocol for paging in the US, Canada, South America, Australia, and the majority of Europe. Recently two newer protocols have been introduced that allow for messages to be transferred via the Internet these newer protocols allow for two way messaging but have not yet been widely adopted.

Why is it difficult to get my modem to connect to paging terminals?
Modems are designed to communicate at the fastest baud rates possible, the newer ones have built in data compression and error correction to compensate for poor phone lines. Paging terminals tend to use the much older modems that communicate at substantially lower baud rates, the older modems have no use for data compression or error correction. Frequently you will need to use an initialization string in order to slow your modem down so that it can effectively communicate with the paging terminal. Your software may autodetect a string, or your software provider should be able to assist you in determining an appropriate string for successful communication.

What software supports TAP?
Almost all paging software these days supports TAP. This site is sponsored by NotePage, Inc. a leading developer of alphanumeric paging and wireless messaging software, if you are in need of paging software please consider NotePage's Software .

Is TAP the same as SMS?
SMS messages are often sent using the TAP protocol. The other prevailing protocol for SMS messages is UCP most software supports both protocols. The term paging and SMS is frequently used interchangably, especially in the US.

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